Systems that work for you, not against you.

Inefficient systems? I can help you get them back on the right track.

Systems that help you reach your goals, free up time, and make more money

Internal business controls that help you avoid doing the manual, repetitive activities in your business

A Central hub for templates and files making it Easy to outsource or onboard new team members

Are you ready to stop procrastinating and start doing, entrepreneur?

I'll be your Project Manager to help you strategize, delegate, and implement an organized system for your small business. I'll also help you build better systems by doing a few things:
  • Break down your processes into organized systems
  • Provide you with the tools to get your systems up and running quickly
  • Give you the processes to keep moving forward toward your goals

Ready to get to work creating and cleaning up the systems in your business? Just kidding— that's my job! Work with me to knock the cobwebs off of those procrastinated projects.

Jump into the drivers seat and take back control in your business with:

You'll get
Choose your path

available projects

available projects

I will upload all of your course materials, videos, worksheets, audios, etc. into your chosen course platform. Connect your systems so they trigger seamlessly and setup any email campaigns.

This does not include copywriting or course creation.

You've got a course ready to sell but ARE not sure how to put it into the software.

Online Course
Build Out

On the surface, ThriveCart seems pretty straightforward. When set up correctly, it integrates with a lot of other tools and can be really powerful.

I will format all products, forms, and integrations, and setup your Learn platform (if necessary). 

You've got A ThriveCart account with products and courses. Now what?

ThriveCart Connection & Setup

Let me help you make decisions about what to keep, organize or delete. It's time to clean up your busy backend so you can focus on your customer experience.

Perfect for you if you're ready to clarify & configure your business.

If left unmanaged, your ontraport account can get complicated.

Ontraport Configure
& Clean-up

Building out a podcast is a lot of work. Take the task of managing the technical setup off the table so you can focus on what you do best... creating!

Perfect for someone who has all podcast marketing copy ready to go, along with a few starter episodes.

Yay! You've got a podcast idea! Now what? time to build it and send it to air.

New Podcast Setup
& Configuration

Although I have niched down and now specialize in the services above, I still have loads of experience with other platforms and tools.

If you want to chat about a particular service, let's hop on a call to see if I can be your gal!

*Small projects are billed at $50/hour
(2 hour minimum).

Still itching to work with me but your service is not listed above? Let's chat!

Just for You Custom Service

Miranda is a true pleasure to work with! She is a pro when it comes to systems, operations, and communications.

Eliza Reynolds, Badass Girls

Miranda is the queen of thoughtful systems, efficiency, and organization. She makes my business so much easier!

Laura Garnett, Garnett Consulting

Miranda is constantly helping me up-level how my business is operating. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Kind words from my fave business owners.

As a service-based business owner, I know what it's like to be overwhelmed, overworked, and constantly stressed. I've experienced it firsthand.

I created systems and templates to help my business run more efficiently so that I could focus on growth. I went from working all the time to creating a business based on ease. And I love what I do even more now.

When you work with me, I'll create a structure to help your business run smoothly. Together, we'll assess your current systems and create a plan to streamline your business.

ceo, operations manager, systems strategist, and your right-hand gal.

I help connect the dots to automate your business.


This one's on me. Complimentary free stuff coming right up. 

leaving so soon?

Why waste time crafting your project management plans when you can create an entire timeline in just a few clicks?

Your secret sauce to effortlessly generate your project management plan!

FREE Project Plan Playbook Generator

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