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If You Aren't Automating Parts of Your Business, You're Doing Too Much

Affinity Photo: An Affordable Photoshop Alternative [Tip Tuesday]

Sendspark: Using
video to increase email engagement [Tip Tuesday]

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044: Affinity Photo: An Affordable Photoshop Alternative

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ashley kang, Jessica Freeman, & Isabella Sanchez Castañeda

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If you’re up for learning more content creation strategies, tune in as I chat with Isabella about content creation, repurposing, social media strategy, content pillars, and so much more.

Crafting your unique content strategy with Isabella Sanchez Castañeda

If you find yourself struggling to create a huge marketing powerhouse website just to get your business launched, Samantha tells you why you can and should launch with just 4 pages.

Launch with confidence using a simple 4-page website with Samantha Mabe

Ashley and I have a great conversation about why you need to streamline your operations and have a business strategy. Tune in for her suggestions of how to get started.

The heartbeat of your business is your vision with Ashley Kang

Learn how to work at home with children and engaging them with your work, how to do a quadrant review of tasks for your business, when and how to hire help, how to craft your business messaging, and so much more.

Scaling as a work from home mompreneur with Breanna Gunn

Featured Guests

Women are a special force but many times we don’t know how to hone our organizational super powers and use them in a way that helps us function best. It's easy to focus on doing everything for everyone else. It’s especially easy for us moms that are also entrepreneurs working from home.

That’s where this show comes in. Learn how to use systems to determine your strengths and use them to systematize your life. Grab your favorite drink and tune in on the occasional Tuesday or Friday for tips to help streamline your day!


I'm Miranda! The girl who talks about creating better systems.

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