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Take control of your time and create systems that work for your business

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Centralize all file sharing, & standard operating procedures

Create a complete project management system you love

You'll learn how to

You can create your own, totally customized system for your business.

Let's take your business from being a "hobby" to being a thriving business that becomes a source of income for you. Get started today by signing up for my free resources in The Systems Lab. Templates that help you to create systems and procedures for your business, which gives you more time to do what's important to you! 

Join thousands of small business owners across the globe who are using the free resources in The Lab to create systems that help them reach their goals, free up time, and make more money.

Create methods to help you stay on top of your work. Wouldn't it be nice to:

The whole  collection of templates, workflows, challenges, and planners for efficiency and productivity in your business.

Learn how to create systems, to-do lists, and methods to help you stay on top of your work, and beat overwhelm throughout the day, even if you’re the queen of procrastination and avoidance.

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The Lab Freebies

This pack includes: the most recommended books about productivity, an idea bank of productivity habits, 12 Week Planner, a list of tasks you can automate, a list of tasks you can delegate, a positivity manifesto, and a Personal Productivity Playlist on Spotify!

Get six different resources to help you increase your personal productivity!

The Productivity
Power Pack

Isolate, identify and define your procrastination triggers so you can overcome them.

Free 6-page workbook (and mini-course) to help you figure out why you procrastinate so you can stop doing it once and for all!

Grab this 6-page workbook (and mini-course!) to help you pinpoint your triggers

How to Overcome Procrastination

Go beyond the basics with this email starter pack: Previous client follow-up for continued business, birthday or anniversary appreciation messages, and mini-course delivery with upsell conversions.

activecampaign starter pack

Grab 3 starter pages to add to your Coda dashboard. Get to know how to use Coda and jumpstart your operations starting with a financial dashboard, editorial calendar, and podcast planner.

coda dashboard starter pack

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