What kinds of New Year’s resolutions have you made for the upcoming year?   ​Lose weight? Eat healthier? Drink more water? Be more present and focused?   Quite frankly, I get tired of making the same resolutions each year, only to either drop them completely or sporadically pick them up again throughout the year. […]

049: 5 Things You Can Do Other Than Make New Years Resolutions

Time Management

  This one is for my peeps who are not morning people. Is one of your resolutions to have better mornings and actually wake up without hitting the snooze button over and over? You are only one app away from becoming a morning person! Tune in to find out how this little morning alarm app […]

045: Gamify Your Morning Wake Ups with Alarmy [Tip Tuesday]

Health, Tech, Tip Tuesday

Gamify Your Morning Wake Ups with Alarmy

  If you’ve tried time blocking but it didn’t work, I’m going to walk through the steps – cause it’s more than just blocking “work time” on your calendar and hoping you get everything done. Find out why it works (and who it might not work for) and follow the steps in this episode to […]

028: How To Set Up A Time Blocking Schedule That Actually Works

Productivity, Time Management, Working from Home

How Set Up a Time Blocking Schedule That Actually Works

  Sometimes we need a little help and motivation to keep track of our habits or follow our routines. I’ve got 2 apps today that will help you “not break the chain”, and build (or break!) those habits. Mentioned in this episode: Routinery The Done App 026: Creating Pre-Work and Post-Work Routines to Help Define […]

027: Tracking Your Routines and Habits With Routinery and Done [Tip Tuesday]

Productivity, Tech, Time Management, Tip Tuesday

Tracking Your Routines and Habits With Routinery and Done

    Over the years, I’ve been well aware of my issues with consistency (or really, lack of it). From posting on social media, to daily routines, I find myself having to actively engage in self-discipline and awareness in order to follow through and build new habits. In this episode, I give you a 7-step […]

022: I Have Had Huge Issues With Consistency. Here Is How I Tackle It.

Organization, Planning, Time Management

  Being productive on a daily basis isn’t just some pipe dream. We can all get there, but we need a little focus, motivation and help. Grab this productivity power pack to get ideas of how you can be more productive throughout your day, and get you in the right mindset for success. https://mirandamerten.com/power-pack Included […]

015: Free Gift! The Personal Productivity Power Pack [Tip Tuesday]

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