This post is part of the 24-day digital advent series. Missed a day? View the entire series here.   If you already track your finances with a tried and true app, this email is not for you. Keep doing you boo.But if you’ve been looking for a way to keep track of your income, expenses, […]

24 Days of Useful Shit: [Day 13] Financial dashboard template

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Financial dashboard template

  What are you using to invoice your clients and customers? I’ve got a super simple tool, easy to set up, that you can use for invoicing, time tracking, expense reporting, sales and invoice reports, and more! Mentioned in this episode: Online Invoices Other Helpful links: Instagram (@mirandamerten)   Listener Q + A – Have […]

031: Managing Time Tracking and Invoicing With Online Invoices [Tip Tuesday]

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Managing Time Tracking and Invoicing With Online Invoices

I have a love-hate relationship with grocery shopping. Aside from the mortgage, and maybe debt repayment if you’ve got it, your biggest monthly expense is likely groceries. And unlike
 your mortgage, your car payment, and most of the rest of your bills, you actually have 
some control over how much you spend at the grocery […]

How to Keep Your Grocery Spending Under Control Without Driving Yourself Nuts

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How to Keep Your Grocery Spending Under Control Without Driving Yourself Nuts

Every year, the holidays inevitably “sneak up” on us like we didn’t know it was coming. Right. Thanksgiving is the same week towards the end of November. Christmas is the same date each year. Yet it never fails that we are scrambling around the Wednesday before Thanksgiving looking for food and praying on Thursday, our […]

Really? The Holidays Snuck Up On You Again?

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Really? The Holidays Snuck Up On You Again?

In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes. – Benjamin Franklin   Only two things in life are inevitable : Death and Taxes   If there was one good thing that came from working for someone else, it was the fact that they withheld your income taxes and sent […]

What You Need to Know About Taxes and Self-Employment

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People are always wondering what exactly they can outsource to an assistant. Either they don’t think they have any work to delegate or they are too afraid to let go of the reigns. This is a series of ideas that can be outsourced to an assistant. Use these as suggestions for tasks your clients can […]

Ideas for Outsourcing Series: Financial Record Keeping

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