Go beyond the basics with this email automation starter pack. instantly import these recipes into your account:

Previous client follow-up for continued business, birthday or anniversary appreciation messages, and mini-course delivery with upsell conversions.

email starter pack

Import these new automations with just one click!

Sometimes you don't know what you need until after the need arises. But by that time, you've already missed out on creating that special touchpoint with your past customers. 

Each new automation is a part of your customer's journey. Get ahead of the game and add new recipes that help you connect with each customer at each step.

You've got your basic email campaign ready to go, but you're still not using ActiveCampaign the best way possible.

“Customer experience better be at the top of your list when it comes to priorities in your organization.”
– Steve Cannon

Engage with or reengage with your customers (on autopilot!).

Automate more parts of your business and email marketing.

Use features that you might not already be using and spark more creative ideas.

Automatically follow up with previous customers to encourage repeat business.

Spark joy by wishing your customers a happy birthday or business anniversary.

Deliver an e-course (with an option to upsell to another offer!).

Use these automation recipes to:

You always have the option to “Start from Scratch” when you create a new automation, but a blank slate can sometimes be overwhelming: start triggers, actions and logic can be a challenge if you don't know where to start.

So whether you’ve already created a few automations or are completely new to activecampaign, you may find it helpful to see what an automation looks like and how all of its parts fit together.

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