Are you on Clubhouse yet? If not, it’s understandable – it’s pretty new, still in beta, and still invite-only. It’s a new audio social media app that I liken to a giant 24/7 audio conference. Tune in to hear what I think about it so far, and download the app to reserve your username […]

053: What’s All The Buzz With The New Social Media App Clubhouse? [Tip Tuesday]

Social Media, Tip Tuesday

  Podcasts are better with friends. We’ve got Goodreads for books. We can see our friend’s music playlists. Now, we can get recommendations from our friends based on what podcasts they listen to! Ever look at your podcast app wondering what you should add to your playlist? There are so many podcasts out there, you […]

047: Is Social Podcasting a Thing? GoodPods + My Favorite Podcasts [Tip Tuesday]

Social Media, Tech, Tip Tuesday

  Today, I’m talking about Storrito which is an app to create and schedule Instagram Stories comfortably from your desktop pc. Great for you if: You like scheduling and batching social media You don’t want to have notifications to post (Storrito posts automatically) You like doing IG on desktop vs your phone You can use […]

023: Scheduling Instagram Stories with Storrito [Tip Tuesday]

Planning, Podcast, Social Media, Tech, Tip Tuesday

  Ever wonder how people make those cool video waveforms that you see when scrolling through social media? It’s not hard and it’s definitely not some crazy tech savvy secret sauce. Learn some of the tools that people are using to create those cool visuals. It’s as simple as uploading your audio, graphic image, and […]

019: Creating Video Soundbites Using Headliner [Tip Tuesday]

Social Media, Tech, Tip Tuesday

If you had asked me a few years ago that everyone would have been “tweeting”, “liking” and “hashtagging” everything in their life, I would have thought you were insane. Both Facebook and Twitter have revolutionized the world of communication. The word “tweet” has become a regular part of our vocabulary now, meaning the ability to […]

Why You Need a Twitter Account for Business

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