COVID has got a lot of us stuck in the house wishing we would have purchased stock in Netflix years ago. I watch a wide range of TV shows on Netflix. If you open my Netflix list, what would you find? I’m not sure I want to divulge everything in there, but I’ll give […]

Netflix Business Break: 11 Shows I Watched (and Recommend) In 2020

Fun, Work/Life Balance

Netflix watching

Procrastinators unite – Christmas is in 10 days and if you haven’t bought anything for your favorite business gal pal, this roundup is for you. Act now, and you can still get these items delivered by Christmas – if not, just blame it on the season! Thanks to companies like Amazon with Prime shipping, last […]

Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Female Entrepreneur

Fun, Relationships

“Women need real moments of solitude and self-reflection to balance out how much of ourselves we give away.” – Barbara De Angelis   Sometimes Travel Scares Us So much planning. So many things to take care of before leaving. Being a single mom of a daughter and a pooch, I’ve got to make sure all […]

What A Solo Trip To Texas Taught Me About Myself

Fun, Travel

It’s that time of year again – when Christmas inevitably sneaks up on you. Oh wait, nope…same day every year. But the procrastinators of the world (keep reading if that sounds like you – cause it’s definitely me) seem to find themselves year after year, trying to find gifts at the last minute. Thanks to […]

Business Gal Holiday Gift Guide

Business, Fun, Planning, Relationships

Business Gal Holiday Gift Guide

If You Play It, They Will Come Two years ago, I bought my daughter—then 9 years old, and into Taylor Swift—a guitar for Christmas. She opened it and seemed super excited! I strummed around a bit (pretending to play backup for Taylor), and I think I might have enjoyed it more than she did! Then […]

I Tried To Play Guitar. Here’s What Happened


I Tried To Play Guitar. Here’s What Happened

Citizen Kane IMDb 8.4/10 | Rotten Tomatoes 100% | Metacritic 100% | My TPL Rating 7/10   Citizen Kane. Critically acclaimed as the #1 movie of all time. I admittedly had not seen this movie before tonight, and I thought I should write my thoughts while it was still fresh in my mind. Being number […]

Movie Bucket List: Citizen Kane


Movie Bucket List- Citizen Kane

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